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  • Trinidad Express Feature Article
    The Trinidad Express Newspapers ran a feature article on Managing Director Darrell Bereaux on June 30th 2020. This article speaks to how Darrell created BEXtronics back in 2014 and how we became BEXtronics Limited. Also it dives into … Read more
  • #SouthsideLifestyle Recording Studio
    Project: Southside Lifestyle Recording Studio Their Request: Transform a spare room into a recording studio Summary of Job Mr. Joe Black, as he prefers to be called, came to us and asked us to design his recording studio. We … Read more
  • Church of the Visitation
    Project: Church of the Visitation (Coryal, Sande Grande) Their Request: An Audio System for their Church Summary of Job The church had a basic audio system including a single speaker on the floor with a single microphone for … Read more
  • School Auditorium Audio System
    Project: School Auditorium Their Request: An Audio System for their Auditorium Summary of Job The current audio system was extremely noisy with popping, humming and buzzing sounds. It was also inadequate for school concerts and other events outside … Read more
  • Indoor/Outdoor Security System Upgrade
    Client: Christ Child Convalescent Home Their Issue: Install Security Cameras that will allow clear vision around their premises and repair cameras inside to ensure proper view. Solution: Installation of a new security surveillance system Summary of Job Christ … Read more
  • Bottles & Bites Restaurant & Bar – Audio System
    Client: Bottles and Bites Restaurant and Bar Their Request: A Professional Audio System Summary of Job Bottles and Bites Restaurant and Bar is located at Trade Winds Hotel, San Fernando. They were looking for an affordable, discrete, professional … Read more
  • Bermudez Biscuits Limited – Outdoor Noise Barrier
    Client: Bermudez Biscuits Limited Their Issue: Noisy chiller unit disturbing neighbors Solution: Echo Barrier Out-Door Sound Blocking Panels Summary of Job The legal decibel limits for residential areas are 80dbA and 65dbA in the daytime and night respectively. … Read more
  • Naparima Bowl Trinidad – Acoustic Wall
    Client: Naparima Bowl Their Issue: “Slap back” into the auditorium Solution: Noise Stop FabriSorb Acoustic Panels Summary of Job During the recent renovations Naparima Bowl underwent, we were approached to provide new acoustic treatment for the rear wall … Read more

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