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#SouthsideLifestyle Recording Studio

Project: Southside Lifestyle Recording Studio

Their Request: Transform a spare room into a recording studio

Summary of Job

Mr. Joe Black, as he prefers to be called, came to us and asked us to design his recording studio. We met with Mr. Black, walked the room, and did our initial site visit and consultation with him. With his aesthetic requirements, we were able to craft a recording studio that was both visually and acoustically pleasing, including the equipment necessary to create internationally ready recordings.

This room was a spare room located to the side of the residence. As with any residential room, there were windows and an external door which both created a problem for noise leakage into and out of the room. We started this transformation by removing and windows and installing a soundproof door.

The electrical was upgraded to ensure no hum, buzz nor electrical interference would be included into the recordings. Mood lighting was installed along with a fresh coat of paint and an acoustical carpet flooring was added.

For the acoustic treatments of the room, we chose the Echo Eliminator acoustical panels and the Bass Buster acoustical panels. These panels were chosen in charcoal to enhance the black on black theme of the studio. The bass buster panels were placed in the corners of the room from floor to ceiling. These panels absorb frequencies as low as 60hz ensuring no bass build up from the speakers when the mixing and mastering of recordings are in progress.

The Echo Eliminator panels were placed at the first and second degree reflection points as this ensured the mix position, as well as the room, had little to no standing waves or reverberation that will hamper, or produce a negative effect on, the recordings. Additionally both types of panels were used to create an “acoustically dead” recording corner where the microphone was placed.

The recording equipment chosen was Presonus based. We used a Presonus 192 Audio Interface coupled with Presonus Eris 8 studio monitors. This interface records audio at the highest quality of 192hz. For the microphone, the versatile Audio Technica AT2020 ensures both male and female voices would be captured as transparently as possible.

Southside Lifestyle’s Recording Studio is a gem, with the right equipment and the right sounding room for any artist’s vision to come through.

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