Church of the Visitation

Project: Church of the Visitation (Coryal, Sande Grande)

Their Request: An Audio System for their Church

Summary of Job

The church had a basic audio system including a single speaker on the floor with a single microphone for the alter and a few microphones for the choir. This system was not adequate as it lacked enough microphones and did not provide a clear and clean sound which diminished the enjoyment and the delivery of the services conducted.

We were approached by Fr. Stephan Alexander who requested an affordable, professional audio system, that is capable of handling the church’s services that will not only provide enough inputs for the alter and choir, but also facilitate the inclusion of live streaming of services, and be loud enough for persons seated at the rear of the church to hear him clearly as well as hear the music and singing of the choir.

For this installation we chose to go with a full Peavey System from microphones all the way to speakers. Two (2) Peavey Dark Matter DM112 speakers, were chosen and placed at an 8ft height at the front. The onboard DSP processor allowed us to equalize the speakers directly, for the church. These speakers are eleven hundred (1100) watts of power which provides the church with soft background music before services as well as foreground sound for proper delivery of speech and live instruments, with ample low end and clarity.

Power for the entire system now runs through two power breakers and a Furman voltage regulator eliminating the humming and buzzing from the system.

At the heart of the system is the Peavey PV-14BT Super Analog Console. A 14-channel analog mixing console with Bluetooth, USB recording and playback capabilities.

Five (5) Peavey PVM-44 dynamic microphones along with Peavey’s all metal tripod microphone stands were provided for the choir, while a Peavey PV-16 dual wireless microphone system was provided for the alter. A Peavey 12 channel XLR snake was used to connect all microphones from the choir to the mixing board.

Rounding out the security of the system is an all-metal security rack mounted out of sight from the parishioners.  

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