School Auditorium Audio System

Project: School Auditorium

Their Request: An Audio System for their Auditorium

Summary of Job

The current audio system was extremely noisy with popping, humming and buzzing sounds. It was also inadequate for school concerts and other events outside their morning assembly. They were looking for an affordable, professional audio system, that is capable of handling school concerts, carnival activities and any other event they may wish to have.

The system is required to cover all areas including the rear of their balcony, which sits 15ft above the ground floor. They also required microphones that were versatile, and a user-friendly mixing system that could ensure proper control over the microphones and speakers.

Two (2) Bose F1 speakers were placed at a height of 15ft at the front of the auditorium, with a “J” array angle used to cover the lower level leaving a straight top angle to cover the balcony area. The system does provide the option of being soft background music or loud foreground music, with ample low end and clarity ensuring any event, be it carnival, concert, or morning assembly is covered.

Power for the entire system now runs through two power breakers and a Furman voltage regulator eliminating the humming and buzzing of the old system.

At the heart of the system is a Soundcraft UI16. A 16-channel wireless digital mixing system running through a provided Lenovo laptop. This ensures all microphones provided namely SM58s are fully controlled and the speakers are managed properly.

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