Naparima Bowl Trinidad – Acoustic Wall

Client: Naparima Bowl

Their Issue: “Slap back” into the auditorium

Solution: Noise Stop FabriSorb Acoustic Panels

Summary of Job

During the recent renovations Naparima Bowl underwent, we were approached to provide new acoustic treatment for the rear wall of the auditorium. After consultation with their Senior Audio Technician Mr. Dwight Forbes, the issues occurring in the auditorium were identified.

There was a major “slap back” where sound from the stage as well as from the auditorium’s sound system, was hitting the rear wall and reflecting back into the auditorium. This created excess noise and an unpleasant sound experience for guests. A solution was required to minimize or stop this from occurring.

Our recommendation was to demolish the existing fabric covered fiber board on the wall, level the wall’s surface and install new Acoustic panels in colors that would suit the aesthetic of the newly designed auditorium. The acoustic panels recommended were the Noise Stop FabriSorb Acoustic Panels; a 2” thick, 6lb density solid fiberglass panel. Custom sizes of 4’ and 8’ panels were installed across the entire curve of the rear wall, and this solved the issue of the slap back of sound occurring in the auditorium.

Mr. Dwight Forbes stated his pleasure with the quality of the product and the speed at which it was installed, “BEXtronics made the process extremely easy from consultation to installation.”

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