Bermudez Biscuits Limited – Outdoor Noise Barrier

Client: Bermudez Biscuits Limited

Their Issue: Noisy chiller unit disturbing neighbors

Solution: Echo Barrier Out-Door Sound Blocking Panels

Summary of Job

The legal decibel limits for residential areas are 80dbA and 65dbA in the daytime and night respectively. The company has a chiller unit located on a roof-top platform, which produced an estimated decibel level of 75-80dbA; and as a result, the noise from the unit disturbed the occupants of neighboring houses particularly during the night.

We were requested to provide a solution that lowered the noise level, not only to within the legal limit, but to also quiet it to ease the suffering of their neighbors; and, to do so within the budget of the company. We installed the Echo Barriers in an L-shaped pattern around the chiller unit on chain-linked fencing. This was able to reduce the decibel level to fluctuations between 60-65dbA, over a 200% reduction in the noise level. Therefore, bringing the noise levels to within the legal night-time ranges for residential areas. The directors and managers of Bermudez Biscuits Ltd were pleased with the quick installation and the decibel level reduction acquired by the panels. The Echo Barrier Out-Door Sound blocking panels are made to withstand 15-20 years of continuous outdoor use in all elements. They are easily cleaned and can be removed and reattached hassle-free

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